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Thursday, July 31, 2008


Magnet #160 - Teddy Roosevelt and family

Picked today's magnet because Theodore Roosevelt is my sister's favorite president, and today's a milestone birthday for her. Yay, happy birthday!

It's kinda funny that Teddy's her fave president, because she's not a huge fan of the outdoors, and yet Teddy was responsible for establishing almost 60 Wildlife Reserves and 150 National Forests and created at least five National Parks. Apparently, the total amount that TR placed under public protection is about 230,000,000 acres!

They're both kinda short - most people think TR was like superbig, but I think it's just cuz he had a sort of larger than life, blustery personality. In reality, he was only like 5'8", which I guess still makes him taller than Tom Cruise.

The best thing they share, though, is the way they say Bully. She does a spot-on imitation of TR's booming Bully! Seriously. Next time you see her, make her say it.

Oh! And then! Make her say:

1) Oh. My. Gouda.

2) We are in a car. (/Doctor Who's K-9)

Hours of entertainment, I swear.
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jen said...

Oh. My. GOUDA! Hee. Thanks for the shoutout to me and Teddy! I do so love him...

The Geek said...

lol Have you seen Juno? So funny that you used this magnet just as I was writing a review for that movie and including one of my favorite quotes: "My [guitar] is named Roosevelt. After Franklin, not Ted. Franklin was the hot one--with the polio?"

julie said...

hahahaha... maybe TR should be my favorite president, but i'm still in FDR's camp. we should make jen do her tricks this weekend!

joy said...

Hah. I haven't yet seen Juno, GG, but blogmindmeld!

Jen, hope you had a great day, and yes, Julie, we'll be making her do tricks this weekend.

I have several favorite presidents. I think just on a personal level, it might be Millard Fillmore, simply because certain folks just don't know who he is.

Here's the reason why he has a place in my heart:

But, really, my faves tend to depend on whose house I've just been to. Heh.