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Sunday, July 13, 2008

NYC Eats

Magnet #142 - Park Avalon

I haven't done a random fridge magnet in a while, so, I give you Park Avalon - a B.R. Guest restaurant that closed down a few years ago. People from work used to frequent this place so often, that it was tagged as one of our company "cafeterias."

Feels like everywhere you look here in town, there's either a new restaurant popping up, or an old one closing down. It's been said that there are so many places to eat here that that you could eat at a different place for every meal for literally the rest of your life. Sheesh.

I believe it, too. Just today, we visited three places I'd never been in my dozen years here - we went to Doughnut Plant on the Lower East Side (where the Tres Leches doughnut is to die for), then walked into Brooklyn Heights and had paninis at a new bakery called Tazza that just opened last week, and then stuffed ourselves full of pasta at Lidia's Becco on restaurant row.

Well, I did say you could eat at a different place for every meal.
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