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Monday, July 14, 2008

Would you like a side with that potbelly (stove)?

Magnet #143 - Potbelly

In keeping with the fridge magnet theme, here's a Potbelly magnet that a friend of mine got me in Chicago.

Until just now, I hadn't connected it with the sub shop, because we don't have any here in town. Which is sad, because I'm writing this post during my lunch hour, and now I'm kinda hungry.

But, how neat is this. Apparently, the owners used to run an antique shop, and on a lark, they started selling sandwiches. People started coming back for the sandwiches, and voila! Potbelly Sandwich Works!
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jen said...

You don't have them in NYC? Weird. I never noticed. They're all over the place in DC. A friend of a friend doesn't go though because she says that afterward, her hair smells like bread.

I wouldn't say that's *terrible* thing for your hair to smell like....

joy said...

Yep, better than going to a BBQ place and leaving smelling like BBQ.

And, nope, we have no Potbelly. I've never actually had it before.

I did do a search on the closest one, supposedly in PA.

The Geek said...

Ohhhh... I love Potbelly sandwiches. They're fantastic. One just opened up about 2 blocks from my apartment back home, and if I'm even the least bit hungry, it's nearly impossible for me to walk past there on the way home from work without buying food.