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Saturday, August 21, 2010


Magnet #911 - Papa Smurf

Sitting here at home at 1:45am while my parents are sleeping away what's left of the night.

Mind you, I'm up magnetblogging because if I close my eyes, I'll see red brake lights in front of me. Like I saw from Teaneck to Fort Lee, which according to Google Maps is like 3-4 miles.

It took us 3 hours to get to the GWB from Teaneck. All because someone made the decision to have only two cash-handlers on duty tonight (we had an EasyPass), which then backed up all the traffic for miles. Oiy.

But, you learn a few things about who your papa and mama are when you're roadtripping...

My dad's graduated from "Sorry for you, guy." to "Big deal!" (Trust me, it's funnier in a Filipino accent.)

My dad gets bored when he's not driving. Seriously. He wasn't in the passenger seat for more than 2 hours before he was itching to stop. At the Peanut factory outlet. (Not even kidding.)

My mother loves looking at vanity license plates and trying to figure out what they say. But not only that, she likes to yell them out randomly as we're driving, almost like a Tourette-sy thing. Like, all of a sudden, you'll hear, GOHOMES! Or, SQUEAL! and then the faint twitter of laughter to herself.

There was a van from some forgotten state with the plate: OND 9OU. Mom spent a good five minutes trying to figure that plate, down near Elizabeth, NJ, somewhere around 8:45-9pm.

Somewhere around 10-11pm in Leonia, NJ, out of the blue from the passenger seat, I hear Oh, Deny, Oh, you! And some satisfied chuckling.

Seriously. My sister wasn't kidding. We make up our own fun.

Oh! But, yay for my parents! They let me exit 95 at Richmond to buy a Richmond magnet! Whoot!

(So I bought two. Plus a book on the Jeffersonian Hotel.)

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jen said...

But Oh Deny ... would be ODN? Weird plate either way.

You be careful ha. [also funnier in a Filipino accent]

julie said...

hmm... now i'm going to be trying to figure out that license plate! also, you could've stopped and gotten that wallet from richmond for me, you know. :( i should've bought it!

joy said...

I'm pretty sure that it wasn't a vanity plate. But then mom got into the fact that it was a comma separating it, not a period. Wha?

Yeah. Our Richmond detour was like 20 minutes, to drive to the Jeffersonian and out again. Sorry, kid.