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Friday, August 20, 2010

Definitely pass go

Magnet #910 - GoTo Boston

Why yes. I think I will!

Figured with this Boston roadtrip, I'd finally be able to use this magnet. I've been waiting for a while to use it.

I actually found this magnet under a couple of other ones at work. This URL for this company - whom I've never heard of - doesn't work, so I'm assuming they went the way of the .coms from so many years ago.

I guess that makes sense, since this is actually a magnet I inherited several years ago when a friend left our work pod for an infinitely cooler job at an infinitely cooler place for an infinitely cooler career.

And I mean, he did not pass go, he seemed to have gone straight to success. Here's hoping I follow in his footsteps!

The other reason I'm using it, is because during our NYC Adventures last weekend, we dropped by the free Forbes Galleries, just above Greenwich Village, one of my favorite places. Malcolm Forbes was a huge collector, of tons of things, but most notably are his toy soldiers and boats, plus his collection of early-on Monopoly boards. I know, it's quite an esoteric thing to collect, and yet, for Mr. Forbes, it makes sense.

So you go into this small, slightly darkened room, and you see several different Monopoly boards, from the original one to other key similar boards. My guess, is that if they were still collecting, they'd have started to collected all the licensed Monopoly games along the way. Man, that'd be a huge collection by now.

Come to think, I'm betting somewhere, someone has started amassing that collection in some room somewhere. Hmmm. I wonder if Parker Bros/Hasbro is on that already.

*runs to check*
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G said...

For a while there, every small town around here had its own version of Monopoly, with local business and points of interest. It was oh so quaint, but I missed Boardwalk and Short Line after a while.

Did you ever find an online museum?