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Monday, August 9, 2010

Powerhouse of fun

Magnet #899 - Del Mar Powerhouse

One of the things I learned, hanging out with my stay-at-home mom friend in Del Mar, CA, was that a healthy work/life balance allows for evening time fun.

Her hub came home at 5:30, and we all headed out to the park by the beach, just down the way from this powerhouse. The Powerhouse was built back in the 1920s to house the utilities for the historic Stratford Inn a few blocks away. It's had a few lives since, and has since been rehabbed into a community center.

So, the kids had some playtime and dinner at the playground and we got to soak up the fresh air and sea breezes - a fun couple of hours. It was a completely foreign concept to me, this downtime by the beach, after the office, getting to recharge after a day at work. It was kinda nice.

But, really, my friend just figured it was the only way to get me to the beach...without actually getting me to the beach. Heh.
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