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Monday, August 16, 2010

Kindred magnets

Magnet #906 - Madrid

So funny, last week, on our impromptu roadtrip to DC, my auntie-in-law revealed that she's a magnet collector. Wherever she goes, she buys a magnet or two, because they're inexpensive. And they're everywhere.

She mentioned that she might have to get a new refrigerator, just to have space for her magnets. So, I showed her my pictures, so that she could figure out how to set up additional space of her own.

She even has the same magnet-bringer-backer friends that I do - people have started to bring her back magnets from their travels...and so she's had to separate those from the ones that she's bought. Basically, the places she hasn't been on one side, versus the places she has on the other side.

It's quite a system, and I can't imagine doing that for mine. If I had to guess, I think it's about a 70/30 split for magnets that came from other folks.

I mean, here's a case in point, with today's cool magnet. I haven't been to Madrid...but, as the Google Translator magnet says, "My friends went to Madrid, and all they brought back for me was this foul magnet!"
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