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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Oh, I would walk 18 miles

Magnet #904 - The Strand

Impromptu DC roadtrip turned into today's impromptu New York City Adventures day, wherein I shepherded my teen cousins around town.

Crazy walking - of course...and combined with some crazy eating. The day included a picnic on the High Line, a walk around Chelsea Piers, a visit to the Forbes Galleries for their soldiers and toy boat collection, cupcakes at Baked by Melissa, browsing the Strand, storytime at the Scholastic store, stumbling into the Van Leeuwen ice cream truck, browsing Pylones and the MOMA Design store, tons of rice pudding at Rice to Riches, a glamhike through SoHo, and pizza uptown.

Seriously exhausted, but so much fun! It's truly why I love this town...when we were deciding what to do this morning, we couldn't think of anything. So, we just got on the subway and let the day take us where it may.

Of course, I think I need a pair of handcuffs for The Strand. I can't help but pick up books and books there! Argh. But, dudes. How cute is this magnet!
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vp said...

Oh, the Strand! You know that I can't pass up that place. It is one of my fave things about NYC. Cupcakes and books! Sounds like a fun day.

Unknown said...

lol Joy! I knew there was no way we could end the day without you buying a magnet xD...

At MOMA Laura freaked out whenever she saw a magnet and said "OMG! We have to hide this from Joy!!!"

joy said...

Yep. It really was a fun day in town. And, if you don't count the food, everything we did was totally free!

Hahah. Laura was *with* me when I bought the Strand magnet! Though, dude, I totally was set to buy a boatload of magnetic crap at the MoMA Design store...but I felt like I needed to restrain myself in some way. Of course, there were several magnets there that I already had here at home. :-)