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Monday, August 30, 2010

"Pace yourself. It'll come together."*

Magnet #920 - Pensacola!

My sister brought this wooden magnet back for me from her trip to her hub's family reunion down in Florida. I haven't a clue if I've been to Pensacola before, but I really love the supercute design!

Using it for today's magnet, because after last night's Emmys, I decided to do a midsummer dance card check-up. The list way below confirms that I still watch almost 40 hours of scripted television in any given week of the year.

For real, my docket is seriously overfull. And that doesn't count any premium cable shows I no longer get, or the soaps I no longer watch, any of the Brit reality shows I get sucked into, and none of the Disney shows that I watch.

How is it, that I don't watch a good 75% of the shows that won Emmys last night? Weird.

So what's the tenuous connection back to this magnet? The newest favorite show on my docket below, The Glades, on A&E. Little known, especially with a modest ad NYC transit ad budget (that pulled me in), and nicely done website.* It's really undersung, methinks.

The lead is superdupercute Aussie Matt Passmore, with an odd accent that's probably supposed to be Midwestern, playing a rough-around-the-edges detective with an attitude who left Chicago and moves down to Florida. He reminds me of like a modern-day Humphrey Bogart, running around in jeans and T-shirts down in the Everglades.

As per usual, I could care less about the procedural/case of the week - I mean, really, how many murders can they have in one county?

I'm really all about the will-they, won't-they romance between the guy and my favorite sister from Related, Kiele Sanchez. Plus, it doesn't hurt that Clayne Crawford's got a little recurring role as well. (He's been my "Country Pacey" since his two Roswell episodes, where he totally was Maria's Dawson, but had an attitude like Pacey and an accent to match - hence the nickname, didjagetthat?).

Yep. Trust me to watch a whole show based on a hot guy with a favorite heroine and a bit of my Pacey mixed in. What? It's what I do!

And, in keeping with such, now I have to find either bootleg episodes of Related, Roswell, or throw on some Dawson's Creek, or, if I really want to add something to my docket...maybe I'll find some of Passmore's episodes of McLeod's Daughters. Oiy.

TV Dance Card
ABC (5)
Private Practice, Brothers & Sisters, Grey's Anatomy, Castle, V

CBS (4)
NCIS, Flashpoint, NCIS: Los Angeles, The Good Wife

NBC (3)
Chuck, Friday Night Lights, Parenthood

FOX (3)
Fringe, Bones, Lie to Me

The CW (6)
90210, Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, Supernatural, Vampire Diaries, Life Unexpected

TBS (3)
The Closer, Saving Grace, Rizzoli & Isles

USA (5)
Psych, Burn Notice, In Plain Sight, Royal Pains, White Collar

BBC-A (3)
Doctor Who, Merlin, Being Human

Mad Men

ABC Family (2)
Greek, Pretty Little Liars

Syfy (2)
Warehouse 13, Haven

FX (1)
Sons of Anarchy

Lifetime (1)
Army Wives

A&E (1)
The Glades

Total: 40

Huh. I forgot to add in Life Unexpected, which pushes The CW into my most-watched network. Really? And yet, not surprised.
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