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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Will you still love me?

Magnet #915 - Family Guy

Ok, ya'll. I thought I'd already mentioned my newest cuteboy crush, but I'm guessing I've just Tweeted the bejeepers out of it, instead.

I'm totally late to this bandwagon, I know. I first noticed Seth MacFarlane in his weirdo Hulu ad a while ago, and passingly thought, huh, that guy's kinda cute. But the ad was way off-putting, not to mention just confusing overall.

But at Comic-Con, I had to sit in Ballroom 20, through the Animation block of Family Guy and Cleveland Show (and Futurama and Simpsons) to get to @televisionary's V panel (and then Fringe and Vampire Diaries), and by the time my two compadres tried to run over to Hall H, not get in and come back, I was soooo charmed by Seth. Like for realz, yo. Like, more than (now-married) Dave Price. I mean, dudes, this guy's even cuter IRL!

He's cute. He's funny. He has a fabulously deep voice. He's got the cutest damn smile. He sings. (He's one up on Clooney, there.)

No. Seriously. On top of sitting through the Hoff roast (and Seth's intro 3 times), I even went and Netflixed a few Family Guys and American Dads just to give them a chance, and see if I've missed a whole phenomenon that I would be interested in. And because you know the second I discover a cuteboy, I have to watch his whole oeuvre.

Sadly, the answer is that I'm not missing anything. While I respect the work (animation's great, voices are awesome and hello, it's Seth and Seth Green!!!), it's really the 12-year-old boy humor that I can't find funny.

So the question is now...will Seth still like me, if I can't watch his work?

Heh. It's been awhile since my last fluffyOMGSqueeHe'ssodreamy post. Dave Price got married. David Tennant's been busy doing stuff I can't watch stateside yet. George has a movie coming out next Wednesday, but his GF is obviously keeping him occupied. Same with Joshua Jackson, especially since I proved unworthy by missing Pacey-Con. And poor John Taylor's been in the recording room, from what I can tell.

Yeah, it was time for some new cuteboy blood.

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