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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The very definition of...

Magnet #900 - joy definition! You'll note that the last few days of my posts have actually been pretty upbeat and positive, and in general, more joyful than they have been in the last year or so. And, that fact alone gives me more "happiness, delight, elation, pleasure, glee and merriment," than anything else right now. It's a good thing! It's a joy thing.

And speaking of a joy thing.

Ya'll. I'm at 900 magnets. A hundred shy of a thousand. Sure, it doesn't put me in league with that magnet lady of Vegas (she stopped counting at 40,000 magnets, back in 2008), but it's kinda getting scary now.

Up until just over a week ago, I had my magnets here at home, plus up on two locker walls in my cube at work. Since I had to decamp from that cube, all of those "overflow" magnets are now sitting in a pretty big and heavy Verizon bag inside a giant Green Hornet bag (thank you, again, Sony Pictures Entertainment, for the timely giant tote bag from SDCC).

One of my projects over the next few weeks of free time is to figure out what to do with my magnets, because no amount of reconfiguring the dozen metallic surfaces of my apartment will give me enough room for the magnets I just brought home. Annnnd, I suppose it doesn't help that whenever I see a good scrapbook sticker - such as this one I bought in Staten Island last week - I like to make a good magnet out of it.

Oiy. And, it's not even like I have a car to put magnets on, either!

Double oiy. I'm unpacking that giant Green Hornet bag, and there's not just one, but two bags of magnets! Sheesh. I wonder if the walls of a storage place are metallic.
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1 comment:

Erika said...

Happy 900th!

What do you think about metallic paint for your kitchen cabinets?