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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Freedom is not free

Magnet #993 - American Flag, c. 1781

When you think of all the battles our troops have fought and are fighting, both on our soil and off, it's both scary and amazing. The veteran stats are mind-boggling. And they're doing it, so that we can go about our normal days.

So, wherever you are, whatever you're doing today, thank a vet this Veterans Day. Either in person (in Times Square with Cosmo's Kisses for the Troops), or online (at USO's Thanks from Everywhere or at Operation Gratitude). There's a million ways to show your support, today, and every day.

Here's something else that was mind-boggling. This flag. I debated whether or not to use it, because I honestly didn't know what the story was behind I just spent the last hour researching, just in case it was a bad flag to use today.

I bought it at the Alexander Hamilton exhibition at the New-York Historical Society several years ago - as part of a set, which included Alex, his buddy Burr, the dueling pistol Hamilton was killed with, and several others. But I didn't keep the description. Because I'm smart that way.

Check it - the flag has only 12 stars and stripes. Why? And the Eagle's on it. Why? This General Fremont flag is the only one that comes close, but no cigar.

So then, I clicked on a couple of old links for the Hamilton exhibition, and eureka, I found the flag! It's actually correct on the flag, which was used around 1781, and carried at the Battle of Yorktown.

Turns out the magnet was cropped wrong - way to go, magnet dudes. Thanks for that.
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