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Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Little Night Music

Magnet #986 - A Little Night Music

Look, I dunno who told Broadway that I would totally buy any and all magnets of any and all shows I attended, so definitely make magnets for that one definite sale they'd get, but thanks!

And, thanks, Telecharge for having great sales. Between you guys and Playbill, you're killing me. But maybe saving me, too. /melodramatic

Although, I will admit that tonight's performance of A Little Night Music, I would have likely paid full price sometime between now and January 9th, I feel sure. Because hello, you don't get any better than Bernadette Peters and Elaine Stritch on Broadway. I mean, amazing. People were wiping tears away during Send in the Clowns. For real.

I was worried at the beginning, because during the first number, I had troubles understanding the book and lyrics as they were being sung by the chorus. I can't figure out if that was Sondheim's fault, or if my hearing's getting worse. So the first part of the show, I was thinking, hmmmm, maybe I need to check out those infrared hearing devices, and would I look silly next time I went to a show asking for one, and would they believe that a "young" person really needed them, and would they give me guff about it, and how would I look in the audience, wearing one? Can you see them? Are they like headphones? Does it have an infrared laser that people will notice? Will it look like on tv or the movies when they show up on someone's forehead, if I look their way? Will the sopranos hurt my eardrums? And why does her voice go up so high in the first place, mine doesn't do that!

Uh, yeah. Pretty busy in my head for the first couple of numbers. But, I finally eased into the show, as Elaine and Bernadette showed up and I got out of my head. So glad I did, too. As the story was being set up, I started thinking ahead of how they were gonna solve each couple's storyline, and was greatly amused as the show moved forward. So, yay, terrific job. And not just by the two grand dames - they were surrounded by a great supporting cast, who performed their solo numbers with such fabulous verve, it kinda made me want to sing.

I won't, obviously.

You're welcome.

I know, I'm a lucky gal for being able to see such wonderful shows with Broadway greats. I don't take it for granted, I promise. I've seen Bernadette a couple of times - in Annie Get Your Gun and a Broadway puppies benefit (not even kidding) in Shubert Alley, and no matter where I see her, I'm always brought back to her performance in Annie.

And, even as I hated this number when I was little, I love, love, love seeing Tim Curry, Carol Burnett and Bernadette Peters belt out Easy Street.
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Glor said...

I saw Bernadette in Annie Get Your Gun too! She's my favorite. I even gave her a standing ovation, which I never ever do. Even if I'm the only one in the whole damn theater with my butt still in my chair. And that has happened. A lot. But I'll stand for Bernadette.


joy said...

Aww, thanks for reading and commenting.

Yeah, Bernadette really is one of our generation's best Broadway talents. She's fantastic.