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Monday, November 8, 2010


Magnet #990 - Pow

A sticker magnet after my own heart. I totally made it yesterday, I think I got the sticker sheet from the vaunted dollar aisle at Target.

Last year on this date, I would likely have been saying Pow! due to work frustrations. I'm so pleased that I can use it for something fun instead.

I think every geek and their brother blogged about the San Diego Comic-Con ticket-(non)selling debacle last Monday. Well, according to their site, today's the day they're going to make an announcement about when they're going to open registration and start selling badges.

Or you know, maybe they'll just start selling badges?

Who knows?

(C'mon, you can't tell me no one reading this just answered with, "The Shadow knows.")


Oh, good grief. The SDCC announcement today was to let us know that they'll be ready to open reg on November 22nd. Really?

There's like a myriad possibilities that would take a good three weeks in between last week and the 22nd. New trade show vendor to handle reg. Ordering new servers. Reinventing the abacus.

Any way you slice it, I'd be willing to bet there's some poor team that won't be sleeping for the next couple of weeks to make that deadline. Good luck, ya'll.

And, I'll see the rest of ya'll on the 22nd!

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jen said...

The 22nd?! Ugh.

joy said...

Yeah. It's funny to see everyone's disappoint Tweeted, though.