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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hu-hu-hu-ha-ha! Hu-hu-hu-ha-ha! Guess who?

Magnet #1006 - Woody Woodpecker

C'mon. You can't tell me you're not singing the Woody Woodpecker theme song right now!

He was one of my favorites of the Saturday morning cartoon line-up, growing up in Chicago. Back when I had to be dragged away from the television to start my day.

Uh, yeah, that really hasn't changed much. To this day, I am not opposed to running Cartoon Network or Boomerang all day long in my apartment. And of course, I still have to be dragged away from the television to start my day.

Anyway, I knew when I saw this magnet at Universal Studios I couldn't walk away from him - he was such a part of my childhood!

I did want to share a new cartoon that I discovered on Facebook, the Velvet Mouse Show. It's basically a bunch of guys who got together to create a new cartoon show worthy of the 70s and 80s Saturday morning cartoons.

It's about the shenanigans of four dudes - two stoner kids (ok, fine, but Shaggy-like) who end up forming a band with Merlin's nephew and a Buzz Lightyear-ish dude from another planet. Oh, and the requisite cutegirl (voiced by Emma Caulfield) who drops by every so often, a mouse who doesn't really show up all that often so far, and Dr. X, the evil scientist who hates confounded rock music. *shakes fists*

No, I know it sounds a little crazy, and it totally is, with its trippy music and animated sequences, silly stories and even sillier 70s sound cues, but I've now watched every episode on their site, and actually kinda love it. The pilot's below, cuz I can't stop hearing the Velvet Mouse theme song in my head now.

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Unknown said...

Joy, we're totally stoked you love The Velvet Mouse Show... and we love you for embedding the video of the pilot episode. Also, if you love the theme song, you can have it to listen to any time, you know! Just "Like" our Facebook page and click on the Band Profile tab!

Thanks again for spreading the word about The Velvet Mouse Show! Stay tuned for more in our effort to Bring Back Saturday Morning!

joy said...

Oh, yay, thanks for visiting and posting! Keep up the great work - always looking forward to new content!