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Friday, November 12, 2010

They weren't you, honey.*

Magnet #994 - Marion Ravenwood

I love seeing Harrison Ford positively everywhere lately. I'm not even a huge fan, it's just nice to see the guy out and about and on people's sofas. He was on Kimmel this week. Kimmel. And? He was actually pretty funny.

(Plus, there's something hot about Harrison Ford, journeyman carpenter. Pictures. We need to find those. Surely some woman took a picture of her hot carpenter. No? Really? What a waste.)

So, seeing all the commercials for Morning Glory, and hearing the news that he lobbied for Han Solo to kick it in Return of the Jedi, and hearing his gravelly voice all over the place, kinda makes me want to rewatch his whole Netflix oeuvre, starting from scratch. Kinda.

For sure, I need to re-watch all of the Indiana Jones movies, because after reading Marion Ravenwood's Indy wiki, it feels like there's a whole Indyverse that I've missed out on. Like, seriously. Just scroll down to the bottom of that page, there's appearances everywhere, including non-canonical ones! And two from the LEGO Indiana Jones alone. (Ok, what?)

And I've always thought I needed to watch the Star Wars saga back to back, to back to back, to back to back. (Guess what I just added to my Netflix queue. This could take a while.)

So, I guess the question is, should I also add in the Jack Ryan series? I mean, they're great, but not epic. Plus, no one's dressing up at Comic-Con as Jack Ryan.

For sure, I don't need to rewatch Witness or Mosquito Coast, or Frantic, or Working Girl, and definitely not Six Days, Seven Nights.

Though, I've never really seen Regarding Henry.

Oh, yeah. This could take a while. I'm not making any promises, honey.

*Indy to Marion, in Crystal Skull. I've never really believed that they procreated together, but I'll admit that if they manage to make a new Indy series with Mutt the Greaser, I will totally be there for it.
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julie said...

jen and i were just talking about how we should watch witness (you know, my obsession with the amish and all). and we were just talking about star wars too because jen hates it (weirdo). i say skip episodes 1-3... they are dumb and are the main reason i DISLIKE hayden christenson (and also jumper... i'll not forgive him for that bad movie experience).

joy said...

Honestly, I don't think I've seen all of Witness, despite our having a dubbed VHS (Maybe even beta) of it at home.

I have to watch all the SW in order, so that I can figure out the whole story. I didn't do that when they released everything...

The only thing I've ever liked Hayden in is that Canadian troubled teens drama with Jake from OLTL.