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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Halls of Justice

Magnet #1035 - Supreme Court of the United States

No tour here, at the Cass Gilbert Supreme Court Building. And you don't get to see the actual chambers. But it's - say it with me - free!

Situated behind the Capitol, it's an equally impressive building to visit. You could probably spend hours exploring the exteriors (when it's warm) and some of the interior details, like the coolest self-supporting spiral staircase ever, coupled with gorgeous elevator banks.

There's a really good exhibit on the history of the Supreme Court, and how Taft led the charge to get the Country's highest court out of the Capitol, and into some fresh digs of their own.

Toward the back of the hall is the auditorium with the CNN-produced backgrounder movie on the Court, plus there's a really cool exhibit on Sandra Day O'Connor. And bonus, there's an excellent little gift shop, too.

My favorite piece in the whole place was the Family Circus cartoon that Bil Keane presented to Justice O'Connor, where the little Dolly's wearing a gown, and tells her brothers,

"You be the old guys, and I'll be Sandra Day O'Connor!"
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