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Monday, December 13, 2010

Happy 50th Anniversary, Sanrio!

Magnet #1025 - Small Gift Sanrio

One of the things I love about New York (there is so much, I know), is that because we're so big and we're home for most of the major networks, we're always a good location for branded events and great coverage.

So, we get the good pop-up stores throughout the year, like the Wired magazine and History channel stores; the good media events, which include basically anything in Times Square, Bryant or Union Square parks; the good freebies, like my Simply Orange OJ this morning and Indiana Kettlecorn last week; and the good celebrity appearances with all the movie premieres and parties, etc.

I mentioned it last month when I saw my beloved Pekkle back on the shelves, but last week the superdupercute Sanrio Pop-up Shop Mobile made Herald Square the final stop on its national Small Gift Tour, selling 50th anniversary collectibles, some only available on-site.

We didn't get the grand events that LA and Miami did - renting of space, additional exhibits, but you know what? Having the mobile shop was enough, I think. Despite freezing in the cold for a hour or so, waiting for a ton of people to make up their minds what Hello Kitty (and assorted friends) stuff they were going to buy, it was fun. Especially because I was one of the first 50, and therefore got the superspecial special gift packets, which was filled with even more small gifts!

Remember how I'm always thinking I'm a big fan of something, and then I meet real fans? That's what this line was, for sure. You know, the ones who braved the line for three hours the first day and two the second? The ones "dropping by" from Italy, on their way to Boston? The ones decked out in HK? Yep, them. Dudes, I had no idea that there was even a fandom! (I don't know why I'm surprised - like, every time!)

As expected, I bought way too much Hello Kitty stuff. But, really. Who doesn't need the 50th anniversary book? I mean, I won't be around for another 50 year anniversary, so I might as well get the book. And magnets. And postcards. And stickers. And band-aids. And keyheads. And more stickers.

And well, yeah, you get the picture.
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