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Monday, December 20, 2010

Fork, please?

Magnet #1032 - Republic

Republic, with its communal tables and really good hot soup, I imagine it keeps pretty busy during the winter months.

A confession:

I'm Asian.

I don't use chopsticks. Like, at all.

I know! It's the craziest thing being at an Asian restaurant, and being the only restaurant at a table full of gringos and asking the waitstaff for a fork.

You know that look that people give first-gen kids when they don't speak the native tongue? That's the look I get when I ask for a fork in an Asian restaurant.

But, here's the thing. I'm Filipino. We didn't grow up using chopsticks at home. And, as near as I can tell, neither did my mom or dad back in the Philippines.

So, no. I don't use chopsticks.

Except in my hair. I'm a damned whiz at doing that.
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