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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Did you know...

Magnet #1042 - Michelangelo quote

Using this magnet that I got last year from the National Gallery, because my BIL (Happy birthday!) and I were listening to NPR on the way to pick up my sister from work yesterday. We learned about different not-so-famous Halls of Fame - some bricks and mortar, and some virtual.

I'm never one for listening to NPR, because really, it's more fun listening to music (you actually like), but my BIL brought up a good point - you learn new things that way. Which is funny, because my sister has been regaling us with new information on different subjects each day. She's on a kick to look up one new thing every day.

Who doesn't love to learn? I've always loved looking up and learning new things. When I was little, I'd run home to tell my mom and my dad (Happy birthday to you, too!) anything new I learned.

They'd nod their heads and get tickled about what I parroted off to them, because (and if you know me, this will not surprise you) it was always incomprehensible to me that I just learned something that everyone already knew. Like, how to use an apostrophe. Or how many planets there were. Or, what happened to Lincoln. Or Kennedy.

In fact, it's why I can't watch too many of those History or Discovery or PBS documentaries, because I have this need to spread whatever knowledge I've gained to whomever I meet. I'm weird that way. I can't help it.

Once, I watched a documentary in-flight, and my colleagues made fun of me, because during the whole (work) trip, every other sentence began with a "Did you know..." (that the average UK citizen will eat a bathtub full of beans in his lifetime, that the same average UK citizen will also eat 20,000 eggs, etc.).

And, sometimes, if you're lucky, I'll actually manage to give you the whole fact, and not just half-a-fact, which is my usual MO.

What? I just said I like to learn, I didn't say I learned every little detail!
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