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Friday, December 17, 2010

A little crazy, a lot happy

Magnet #1029 - Eustress

I did some quick errands after my final volunteer shift at the Salvation Army Toy shop today.

And by errands, I mean I went to the Union Square Holiday Market to buy this specific eustress magnet. Where Nicola and the Newfoundlander recognized me as the magnet lady.

Then I went to Sanrio to return the supercute 15.4-inch laptop case I loved but wouldn't fit my 17-inch laptop. Where the security guard recognized me because I was just there earlier this week.

Then I went to the NBC Store to buy the supercute Doctor T-shirt (Ten/David Tennant) that I've visited three times in the last month. Where the cashier recognized me because I was just there earlier this week.

Conclusion: I am getting recognized in too many places on this tiny island of Manhattan.

But, ya'll.

I cannot stop buying these reclaimed words on reclaimed wood magnets. I specifically wanted eustress, because it's such a great word.

Nicola and the Newfie's definition: "Something that makes you both a little crazy and a little happy but a little more happy than crazy." The actual definition: the "good kind of stress." (Which if you think about it, fits the entire holiday season from Thanksgiving to New Year's.)

Anyway, you'll see here that I wasn't kidding about loving these magnets. Ya'll need to get down to the holiday market and buy them, because there's a part of me that wants to collect them all.

On the other hand, I may have enough for 2010, and I figure I can always try to round out the collection next year? Maybe?

Oh. My. Word. It's a good thing I'm leaving for home in a couple of days. I just realized THEY HAVE NEW WORDS.


Mind you, I still have the weekend. Sigh.
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1 comment:

G said...

I have eustress!

I also have "tmesis": : separation of parts of a compound word by the intervention of one or more words (as what place soever for whatsoever place). You learn something new everyday.