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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Ball girl

Magnet #1017 - Lichtenstein's Girl with Ball

I picked up this one from the MoMA design store in Soho, which is totally a dangerous place for me, with all the tchotcke stuff that I love picking up for me and others. But, I couldn't resist this magnet.

I'm really digging Roy Lichtenstein lately. He was part of the pop art movement of the 60s, and a lot of his work was modeled after comic panels. He literally went through old comics and pulled out panels that he liked, and either re-created them or used them as inspiration for his work. Some very cool stuff.

This particular piece, Girl with Ball, is part of the MoMA collection. The image was taken directly from an ad for a Poconos hotel that caught his eye.

She wasn't even a huge part of the ad, just a sort of window dressing for the hotel deals. Pretty funny how something so small became such a major piece of art.
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