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Friday, January 28, 2011

Daredevil Spider-Man

Magnet #1070 - Daredevil

Oh, yes, Marvel. You included Daredevil in that Marvel magnets collectors set. Thanks for that.

I watched the movie along with a trillion other people, thinking it was gonna be awesome. I was slightly less than enthralled, but it could be because I never read the comics, nor knew the canon.

What I did like was that he was set in NYC, and for whatever reason - mock me if you must - I always think about Ben Affleck Daredevil, feeling a little safer whenever I find myself walking around Hell's Kitchen.

I missed yesterday's magnet, mostly because my wireless was out at home, but also because I saw another Marvel superhero in action last night: Spider-Man.

Ya'll know I hate being left out of anything, so of course, I jumped at the discounted preview tickets to see Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark.

But, apparently, to be taken seriously, the same rules apply to bloggers when it comes to reporting on previews. (Obviously, I didn't know that when I blogged on the Little Mermaid and Mary Poppins previews I went to a while ago. Oops.)

So, yeah, while I splurged for the $10 die-cut acrylic Spider-Man magnet, I will kindly wait til previews are over, supposedly on the Ides of March.

I will say a couple of things, though. The set design and costumes are to freakin' die for, and the actors are definitely working their hearts out.

Oh, and that Russell T Davies and Steven Moffat needs to come check out this version of the Racnoss.
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