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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Toot, toot, Tweetsie

Magnet #1045 - Tweetsie Railroad

For all the places I've been all over the world, and for all the time I've lived in North Carolina, and shoot, and for all the times I've been to and through Blowing Rock, I've never been to Tweetsie Railroad.

I know! It's crazy! Especially given how much I love trains.

I've heard about it all my life, and had friends and family who have gone to the wild west theme-y park, indeed, one of them brought back this magnet for me. But I've just never been able to go.

My mother (who I think raided a toy shop this Christmas for us) gave my BIL the Polar Express model train, which made me superjealous that I never got a train growing up. I'm sure it's because only boys play with trains in their heads, so no train for baby Joy. Sniffle.

It's probably a good thing, though. There are just some things in this world, I have to keep my distance from, so that I don't totally geek out on them. For example, I know I can't read Harry Potter, because I have the potential to get sucked in too hard and become obsessed and suddenly wear invisibility cloaks and carry around magic wands...thinking they really will work.

Model trains for me is probably another one of those things. Like, I know if I start building model trains, I'll start building like a crazy person. No. Like, then I'll know the difference between O- and F- and G-gauge model trains, and start building little villages with lots of people, and the villages would have to be from all over the world, and every kind of environment and terrain, and then I'd have to find some sort of room somewhere to build my giant model towns, and then I'd go completely broke, and have only my trains and villages to show for it. Kind of like how Carrie Bradshaw had hundreds of thousands of dollars invested in her shoe collection.

What? You've seen the magnet collection. You've read joy magnetism.

You can not be surprised that I have the potential to be a model train chick.

Oh. See? Even the cat likes playing with the model train. Errr, or maybe not.

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G said...

You may have the potential, but you do not have the storage space. I can see a "hoarders"-intervention if you fall in with trains.

On the other hand, I have seen train tracks suspended from ceiling. Ooooo, there's lots of available space up there.

joy said...

Hahah. Yep. Don't think I haven't looked up at my ceiling. Would be SO cool!

Unknown said...

I live in NC and go to Tweetsie railroad all the time thanks for the story on the magnet as the park no longer carrys that one just like my beanie babie I own. So treasure it forever and Tweetsie is always with you.