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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Harbor in Moonlight

Magnet #1054 - Harbor in Moonlight

I bought this magnet as part of a set from the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston last year. Such a gorgeous painting. That I've never seen.

I spotted it in the gift shop as I was leaving, and I knew I had to have it - mostly because it was pretty and blue. I really should have run back to see it in the gallery, but I was running late, so I just picked it up.

I didn't even know who the artist was until I started writing this magnetpost. A German landscape artist by the name of Jakob Philipp Hackert painted this piece, Harbor in Moonlight in 1773.

Though Hackert generally painted Italian landscapes, I haven't a clue where this image set, mostly because the painting is totally not on the web. Seriously, it's like my Monet all over again. It's no longer on the MFAH site, and the only other museum listed is the Wallraf-Richartz Museum in Cologne, which doesn't have an entry for it.

Sigh. I guess I'll never know. So, I'll make it up. The painting was done in 1773, the year of the Boston Tea Party. Check out the patriots over to the left. Squint. Really hard.

Oh, c'mon. If you ignore the fact that there's a castle on the hill, and a tree on the shore, and no Boston buildings in sight, it could totally work.

My Goodness. How GORGEOUS is this magnet on that field of blue? Sigh. I really will have to find this damn painting to see it in person.

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