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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Taking chances

Magnet #1052 - Michelle Williams, Dawson's Creek

I've been holding on to this magnet for a while, because along with me, a certain demographic will always remember Michelle Williams as the bad girl next door, Jen Lindley.

So of course, I had to use it for today's Blue Valentine Q&A session with Michelle and @ditzkoff for the NYTs Arts & Leisure Weekend.

Funny how my first impression of her was that she was so tall! Then I saw her four-inch Louboutins. But, goodness, I've always thought they looked alike, but she and Carey Mulligan really must do a movie as sisters, because they're practically twins with the same pixie cut that I heart so very much.

But what followed was a good conversation between the two of them, about
  • Blue Valentine (and how she and Ryan Gosling lived together for a month to have that couply background together- "except for the nighttime stuff")
  • about her latest project (just got finished shooting the Marilyn Monroe bio...let's take a moment to smile about how Jen Lindley ended up playing Marilyn Monroe, while Joey Potter ended up playing Jackie O.)
  • about her career (how she doesn't really map it according to what people expect her to do), and
  • about her choices (that she's learned that whenever she's been torn about doing something - making lists and asking people for advice on what to do, deliberating hard, that it usually wasn't the right decision for her).
Itzkoff even asked her about her Creek days (bless), and she was totally open to talking about it. Apparently, James Van Der Beek once told her she was lucky, because she wasn't part of "such a strong triangle" that of all of the Creekers, she'd get away from Dawson's scott-free.

And, she has, for the most part. George Clooney once said that once you've been nominated for an Academy Award, whether you win it, or not, you'll always have Academy Award-Nominee in front of your name. And that's what comes before Michelle Williams' name now.

I've never understood why anyone was surprised when she was nominated - it was always obvious from any one of Jen's downward spirals that Michelle Williams was the actor who wasn't afraid to take chances in her work. She was just good. Like others have said, their time on the show was like six and a half years of acting class, a place to get rid of bad habits, and try out new things, and figure out what works for her and what doesn't.

Dudes, she even mentioned the funny walk Jen started doing! So funny, because just last night I was like, what is up with Jen and this funny walk? (No, seriously. To the point where I was totes surprised when Michelle walked so gracefully across the stage in her four-inch killer heels.)

And, yeah. You read right. Just last night. I'm totally in the midst of a Creekathon. For a couple of reasons, really. First, because I have the complete series box set that I never really cracked open. Second, because almost every day, @Creek_Quotes Tweets a DC quote, and I can pretty much pinpoint every episode it comes from. Third, because I was looking forward to seeing today's session with Michelle, and wanted to see her very early work.

But, the real impetus for my Creekathon is because of James Van Der Beek's Jamesvandermemes Funny or Die site, part of Van Der Week, where there's four videos to watch. And, if you haven't seen the Vandermemes vid:

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The Geek said...

#1: That video cracked me up like crazy.

#2: I've never seen an episode of Dawson's Creek, but I love Michelle Williams. I just saw her in Shutter Island (awesome job with the accent), and she was fabulous in Brokeback Mountain and I'm Not There.

#3: I think once I finish Supernatural, I'm going to start in on Gilmore Girls. I've never seen an episode of this one, either.

#4: Is it totally not cool that at 28 I'm going through a classic WB/CW renaissance phase with past and present shows? I also want to go back and finish Smallville (I stopped after season 3).

#5: Does this mean it's also imperative I watch Dawson's Creek, too?

joy said...

Ack! I forgot to respond!

Right? Never before have I loved James Van der Beek so much. His videos are silly, tongue-in-cheek, and slightly raunchy, but I love that he owns it.

I TOTALLY love that you're in a WB/CW phase. It's awesome. I tried to finish Smallville, but couldn't get past Season 2 again. Or, maybe 3, can't remember.

I loved Gilmore Girls. LOVED. I wanted to be Lorelai's friend. It's a good show.

As for my Dawson's Creek...I'm rewatching now - am in the middle of season 3 (3 and 4 are my faves), and it's fun rewatching.

Just keep in mind it's a teen angsty show - you'll quickly get annoyed with the head-bobbing and whining. There's a reason Michelle Williams called it six and a half years of acting classes, and Joshua Jackson said it was like college for him.

I just love the show for my JJ, the best boyfriend in the history of boyfriends. Except for Promicide. He was a bastard in that ep.