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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Oh [Miss] La La

Magnet #1066 - Degas' Miss La La at the Cirque Fernando

It's another one of my National Gallery magnets. Man, that set had a lot of magnets. But, I think I'm coming to the end of this set.

Just in time, too, because I can't wait to revisit the National Gallery gift shop. I spent only a couple of hours there with my mom the last time around, and in June, I'd like to spend a good part of a day there. Much like the Met or the Uffizi or the Louvre, the NG cannot be done in a day, in a couple of visits, or ever really completely done.

For example, I may have this magnet of Dega's Miss La La, but I've never seen it in person. And I feel like I should, so it's a must.

I'm not a huge Degas fan, like at all, but I find myself both intrigued and freaked out by this image of Ms. La La hanging by the skin of her teeth. That's what Degas was looking for, interesting subjects in arresting poses, according to the site. I think this chick fits the bill.


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