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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Maid of the Mist

Magnet #1065 - Maid of the Mist

Confession: I've been sitting here mulling over, researching, and writing this one little magnetpost for a good 45 minutes, just listening to the oddly lulling music track over the Maid of the Mist website. Try it.

It reminds me of my college summer job admin temping in a personnel office. The owner had a stereo system pumped throughout the whole office, and it was up to me to make sure the discs were changed.

Trouble was, it was the same 15 or so discs. Actually, the real trouble was, it was the likes of John Tesh and Yanni and Jim Brickman and George Winston. And? By the end of the summer? I found myself buying a couple of CDs here and there to take back with me to Carolina.

What? Maybe I was brainwashed by it, after all, I was the only 20-year-old in the world stuck listening to this music day in and day out for three months. Plus? That was the summer I was grounded, so it's not like my homelife was a barrel of laughs, either.

Yes. You read right. 20. Grounded. And, that should paint you a picture. Cuz there's not a magnet alive that can make me blog about that summer.

Moving on.

I really love this sepia-esque magnet that the Save the World Couple brought back for me from Niagara Falls. The very look of it makes me feel like it was produced back in 1846, when the first Maid of the Mist, a sidewheel steamboat, was launched.

If you haven't gone, go. Niagara Falls is something that everyone should see once in their lifetime. I've only been on the (current) Maid of the Mist once, many years ago, on a long-ago roadtrip to Niagara.

Such a cool trip - even when you're totally wet and somewhat freezing, and the boat's being buffeted about by the waves, and you can barely hear anything because you're wearing those silly-looking ponchos over your ears, and you can barely see for the water on your faces, it's still such an amazing thing looking up at more than three thousand tons of falling water.

And, maybe it's the music playing, but there's something comforting about knowing that many, many, many Maids of the Mists and 164 years later, those observation boats are still traveling as close to the waterfalls as humanly possible.

Hmmm. You know, I still own that John Tesh CD. Um, yeah. I'm gonna go close that Maid of the Mist tab now.
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