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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A girl & her [Belle Jolie/Merle Norman/Cover Girl] lipstick

Magnet #1090 - Mark Your Man

Oh, Peggy, your Belle Jolie lipstick line was pretty good! My sister got me this Mad Men magnet for Christmas. Pretty snazzy, no?

What is it about a girl and her lipstick?

I've had the same lipcolor since college: Berry Kiss dual lipstick/lipliner from Merle Norman. I haven't used the lipliner side in a dozen years, but I love, love, love that lipstick and that color.

I love that I can apply it, and not even have to look in a mirror. I love that I can order from the Merle Norman in Salisbury, and they ship to New York.

What? I'm a creature of habit. I recognize that most girls don't keep the same lipcolor, or apply make-up without a mirror. But hello, I keep a magnetblog, would you expect any less?

Turns out it could be hereditary - the same lipstick thing. We've just searched every CVS, Walgreen's, Food Lion, Harris Teeter, Target, Wal-Mart in Salisbury and Charlotte for #565 lipstick from Cover Girl, for my mother. They must be about to discontinue that color, because where'd we find it? All the way in Washington, DC. For about two bucks each.

I'd cry if MN tried to discontinue Berry Kiss.

Me and the grannies, anyway.
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