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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Why, oh, why can't it be bears?

Magnet #1089 - Colorado Bear

So, during this indefinite stay in North Carolina, I've been surrounded by all sorts of flora and fauna.

Deer. Coming from every which way. I was driving back from the VA early Sunday morning and came across a whole passel (yes, I just said passel) of deer checking out the Historic Salisbury sign.

Ducks and geese. Crossing the road. I kid you not. For years we've been seeing Duck Crossing signs at City Park - my favorite road sign of all time. But we've never actually seen them crossing the road. Until last week, when they stopped traffic.

Cows, horses and donkeys. Given that we live 10 minutes outside the "city" limits, it's not surprising that I pass pasture after pasture full of them. Of course, there was that dead cow on his side on Providence Church Road, in full-on rigor mortis. Eww.

Raccoons. They're freakin' stealing my trash from the backyard. Or, at least I hope it's just raccoons, anyway.

Tigers. Ok, fine. The I-85 billboard for Tiger World, in Rockwell, of all places. My BIL and I are planning to visit once the season begins. I wonder if they have magnets. Hmmmm.

And don't even get me started on ladybugs, beetles, and other tiny creatures of this earth. Blech.

Or the roadkill! Double blech!

All I have to say is if I have to see NC wildlife, why the hell couldn't it be bears? I've only ever been to the Denver airport, so all I really know about the state is what I've learned from Mork & Mindy. But, I've heard stories of friends of friends who live there and they've had bear in trees in their backyard!

Me? All I get is deer stands and target practice in my backyard.

And raccoons. Don't forget the blasted raccoons.
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