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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Go fish

Magnet #1079 - Fish

I picked this magnet up at Bowne & Co. Stationers museum/store down at South Street Seaport. A very small, but really cool place to visit, they have their 19th century printing press on display, as well as a few stationery items on sale.

Seeing their old printing press reminded me of how my maternal grandfather owned the only newspaper on the island of Cebu, Philippines, complete with their own printing press on the ground floor. So when he'd visit us here in America, we'd have to visit all these old-school printing presses, to see if we could buy all the individual typeset letters for their press at home. I don't know whatever happened to that printing press, though my grandmother offered it to me, when she heard I was going into publishing many years ago.

But the real reason I picked this fish magnet, is because it kinda just reminds me of my dad. I've probably said it before, but he loves, loves, loves fish. It's not even that he's a true vegan or anything, but he really will eat only fruits from the sea, and then not even all kinds of it.

It's to the point where it's nearly impossible to find regular Joe American food that he'll eat...aside from fried fish from Captain D's or a plain Filet O'Fish from McDonald's. Or french fries. He eats a lot of french fries. Oh, and bread. In fact, flying usually means us handing over our dinner rolls for him to eat. Poor thing.

The last few days, the poor lady from Food Services has been struggling to find any hospital food that he'll eat. Our conversation?

Food services lady: Will he eat green beans?
Us: No.
Food services lady: Will he eat tuna?
Us: No.
Food services lady: Oh! Will he eat grilled cheese on white?
Us: No.
Food services lady: Will he eat mashed potatoes?
Us: No.
Food services lady: Will he eat baked potato?
Us: Maybe. Let's try.
Food services lady: Ok. How about ice cream?
Us: Oooh, yes!

Annnnnd, that was his first hospital meal. Ice cream.

Because he sure didn't eat that baked potato.
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Erika said...

But baked potato is a kind of french fry!