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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

joy magnetism: Year 3, Roll of the dice

Magnet #1096 - Joy in Las Vegas

Not sure if I picked up this magnet myself, or if someone gave it to me, but I figured it was appropriate for me beating the odds. Did you know that something like 95% of all blogs are abandoned? Or that most blogs are abandoned within months of inception?

On February 22, 2008, I giggled to myself, having figured out a way to avoid creating a superdorky Excel spreadsheet to inventory all the magnets in my ever-growing collection. Instead, I created this superdorky magnetblog called joy magnetism. (A name, which made me giggle even harder, as I said to myself, joy magnetism. Geddit?)

Three years later, here I sit, writing about my 1,096th magnet.

Who woulda bet that I could have stuck this out this long?

Or shoot, have this many magnets to talk about?

Thanks very much, everyone who has ever read, posted, or contributed to the blog and/or the collection!
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Erika said...

Let's get you to 2000!!!

jen said...

I still say I gave you the idea for Joy Magnetism. Maybe I should sue you for millions of dollars... Hee. Yay for 3 years!

Vicki Parsons said...

Yay! That's pretty darned remarkable. Here's to another great year!