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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Church signs

Magnet #1143 - When your heart speaks, take good notes

I was totally gonna try and wax poetic about this handmade sign that I made into a magnet, but it's a magnetblog and honestly, I haven't figured out what my heart's saying yet, so I haven't taken any good notes. But, rest assured, I'm ready.

Anyway, this might make me sound like I grew up in the Bible Belt (which I did), but one of the things that I've always liked about the South are the omnipresent church signs and their attention-getting quotes.

We've read them all our lives, and my sister wondered aloud the other day, where must these church sign sayings come from. I've figured out, that other than the Bible or hymnals, some of them must come from this simple, but well-done Church Sayings site.

I must pass at least a dozen signs every day, on the way to taking my mother to and from work, running errands around town, etc. Signs that say stuff like,

"Do not buy silk, when you owe money for milk."

Or, "Keep looking up, Jesus is coming!"

Or, "7 days without prayer makes 1 weak."

Or, "God adds and multiplies. Satan subtracts and divides."

Or, my new favorite, "If you can't make a choice - you just did."

The thing is that I never really notice the name or denomination of the church, but as time goes on, I've found the quotes they use start to reflect their personalities. Sometimes they're deadly serious, like you will totally go to hell if you don't stop by this church right this holy second, and sometimes, they're funny as all get out, and you just can't stop chuckling miles later, and sometimes, just sometimes, they're spot on the inspiration money.

It's not like I'm really devoutly religious - but sometimes, when you're driving down the road, you need a pick-me-up message, and these sayings sometimes hit home.

A sign from God. Literally.
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