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Monday, April 11, 2011

Cuteboy update

Magnet #1144 - Thorsten Kaye at ABC's SuperSoapWeekend

Earlier this week my sister told me she can't tell anymore when the cuteboys I talk about are real, or not real - people I know in real life, or just on television.

Enter this magnet.

I can't believe I haven't used this one before. It's Thorsten Kaye at SuperSoapWeekend in Florida several years ago. The picture's fairly old - I mean, the man's not even on All My Children anymore, but shoot, a cuteboy is a cuteboy is a hot Thorsten - and I had this magnet made because it's one of my all-time favorite shots of him.

It's been a while since I've done a fluff magnetpost on cuteboys - I found this old 2008 cuteboy post that outlined all my favorite cuteboys of the time.

Looking back, half the shows aren't even on television anymore, but it cracks me up that my old cuteboy crushes have just been handily replaced by new ones...

Oh, well, I guess crushes by their very nature are fleeting. By network...shall we?

  • Castle - Hello, @nathanfillion, and the rest of the boys of the cast.
  • Brothers & Sisters - Hell, all of the Walker brothers.
  • Private Practice - Taye Diggs, because he can do no wrong.
  • Hawaii Five-0 - Alex O'Loughlin, Scotty Caan, and @danieldaekim? Yes.
  • Blue Bloods - Tom Selleck, Donnie Wahlberg, Will Estes, I'll take 'em.
  • The Good Wife - Josh Charles and yes, Alan Cumming.
  • NCISes - Though I'm totes innocent, wouldn't mind if any of them came to question me.
  • Flashpoint - The. Whole. Team.

  • Chuck - @ZacharyLevi. And Jayne - I mean, Adam Baldwin.
  • Friday Night Lights - Coach Kyle. Always, Coach Kyle.
  • Parenthood - Peter Krause and can't believe I have a crush on him, @daxsheppard1.

  • Fringe - Joshua Jackson.
  • The Chicago Code - Jason Clarke and Matt Lauria. And shoot, add Delroy Lindo to that.
  • Bones - @David_Boreanaz, and that @TJThyne guy.
  • Lie to Me - Oddly enough, @TimRothLietoMe. But also the lovely @brendan_hines

The CW
  • One Tree Hill - Nathan. And his new BFF, the dude from Lipstick Jungle.
  • Supernatural - Both Winchester boys, and I'll raise you a Castiel.

  • Psych - c'mon. Shawn and Gus? Yes.
  • Burn Notice - Michael. And of course, Sam Axe. Hello.
  • White Collar - Matt Bomer. And oddly, the dude who plays Peter.
  • In Plain Sight - Marshal Marshall - oddball, but then who doesn't love that.
  • Royal Pains - Both brothers.

  • Mad Men - Jon Hamm and John Slattery, even though we won't see them back until 2012. Oiy.

  • Sons of Anarchy - Jax Teller, cuz with each passing season, even with his hair and beard choices, he's still just awesome.

  • The Glades - Matt Passmore is the only one in the world who can get me to watch any eps of McLeod's Daughters.

  • Army Wives - Seriously just love all the husbands.

Yes, I just did a whole magnetpost on the cuteboys I watch on TV. Did I leave anyone out?

And yeah. It might be true that the show has to have a resident cuteboy for me to be invested. I dunno what that says about me.

Clearly, given my back and forth between RL names and character names, the line between RL cuteboys and TV cuteboys a little blurry...but, really, you'd know it if I were referencing any of these cuteboys in relation to my real life, thanks.
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