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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

ALG's Boy chaser

Magnet #249 - Angry Little Girls Boy Chaser

No worries, not sharing an old boyfriend story. I just figured this pink Angry Little Girls Boy Chaser magnet would be fun.

Someone once accused someone I know that the only reason she watched half the shows and movies she watched is because of cute boys. Umm, I say, so what and BMA.

Using my TV dance card from last week, here's my list of TV cute boys - in no particular order, and not paying attention to actor or character. Don't worry, no objectification here, I'll totally respect them in the harsh light of day. :-)

Would I want to meet any of them in person? No, not particularly - I'm quite happy that they live inside my tv box.

  • Private Practice - Taye Diggs and Tim Daly.
  • Dirty Sexy Money - Peter Krause, and to a certain extent Donald Sutherland. Oh! And Blair. Oh! And that guy who plays the minister brother. And I love the little kid, so cute.
  • Eli Stone - Jonny Lee Miller (though I wish they'd let him use his accent), and Victor Garber.
  • Brothers & Sisters - Hell, all of the Walker brothers. And Rob Lowe, of course.
  • Grey's Anatomy - - Kevin McKidd. He's the reason this show stayed on the dance card, because I lost interest in McDreamy and McSteamy in seasons 1 and 2.
  • LOST - Jack and Sawyer, but mostly Sawyer. Oh! And a little bit of Brent Cullen, back in the early days.
  • All My Children - Thorsten Kaye.

  • Ghost Whisperer - Leo from Relativity!
  • Numb3rs - both Eppes brothers.
  • The Unit - yep. All of them.
  • Flashpoint - yep. All of them. Except the pink Power Ranger.

  • Knight Rider - Justin Bruening, I know he's a soap guy. He's pretty, and drives a pretty car.
  • My Own Worst Enemy - Christian Slater.
  • Crusoe - Crusoe.
  • Lipstick Jungle - Paul Blackthorne (bring back Dresden Files, dammit), Andrew McCarthy, shockingly, that new guy who plays Rodrigo (who used to be Mary Camden's hub), and maybe that Scott Speedman-lite guy who plays Kirby.
  • Chuck - Zachary Levi. And Jayne - I mean, Adam Baldwin.
  • Heroes - Milo. And Adrian, if he'd gain weight. Oh, and Greg Grunberg. What? I can't help it.
  • Friday Night Lights - Coach Kyle. Always, Coach Kyle.

  • Fringe - Joshua Jackson (duh), but also Mark Valley.
  • Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles - Brian Austin Green. Dudes, I'm just as surprised as ya'll are.
  • Bones - David Boreanaz, and that Hodgins guy.
The CW
  • 90210 - Rob Estes. I watched Silk Stalkings for him. Yeah, I'll watch.
  • Privileged - Up through last week, Megan had 3 cuteboys on the hook. Yeah, go for the Dawson, dude. It's the only time I'll ever say that.
  • Valentine - that Kristoffer Polaha guy from North Shore. C'mon, he's cute, even when he's shooting that stupid Cupid gun.
  • Gossip Girl - proving that I'm too old for this show, Rufus Humphries.
  • One Tree Hill - Nathan. And I would watch a show with *just* the kid that plays his son. He's cuter than Webster ever thought of being. Oh, and that Owen the bartender guy.
  • Supernatural - Who really wants to choose only one Winchester boy.

  • Saving Grace - those two hotboys who take turns being her partner.

  • Psych - c'mon. Shawn and Gus? Yes.
  • Burn Notice - Michael. Of course.

  • Doctor Who - David Tennant (duh).
  • Torchwood - Captain Jack and Ianto (duh).
  • Top Gear - I know, I know, but I love all three boys.
  • Cash in the Attic - Alistair Appleton and Paul Hayes.
  • Primeval - that guy who plays Stephen, who is apparently married to Sarah Parrish.
  • Robin Hood - Jonas Armstrong and Richard Armitage.
  • MI-5 - Rupert Penry-Jones and soon Richard Armitage.

  • Mad Men - Jon Hamm and John Slattery.

  • GH: Night Shift - that guy who plays Patrick, oh, and Robert Freakin' Scorpio.

ABC Family
  • Greek - Cappie, and sometimes Evan.

  • Sons of Anarchy - Jax Teller, cuz he's just awesome. And yes, I'm looking for an appropriate motorcycle magnet for a proper SAMCRO magnetpost.

  • Entourage - E, even though he's little. And Piven. Even though he's little, too.

  • Army Wives - I love all the husbands, cuz they're just made of win.

Did I leave anyone out?
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jen said...

That friend can BMA too. You know what irks me about that? What show or movie can you watch that doesn't have pretty people in it? That's why it's Hollywood, folks!

Anyway. You forgot Matthew Macfadyen on MI-5!

Anonymous said...

hey if you like Paul Blackthorne, check out his website:

and I 2nd the "bring back dresden damnit" comment... or anything with Paul in the lead role.

joy said...

And here I thought I was the only one who was following Paul Blackthorne on TV. Yay, thanks for the site, I didn't even know! To be honest, I'm just happy he's on air...and that they're letting him use his accent.

That's true, about Matthew Macfadyen, jen, but he's been gone from MI-5 for a, *you* like him, not me. Heheheh. He's certainly cute, though.

julie said...

hahahahaha... this was such a funny post! it was like reading through a yearbook and listing all the cute boys in the class. i have NO idea who half of these people are, but seriously, can we still count Ohwhen from Torchwood?! and the cute guy on gossip girl, the penn one.

joy said...

That's true, I left out Penn. He's ok, I guess.

I can't add in Owhen, he's ded. As a doorknob. Maybe it's jenny that's the bad-luck charm. Owhen went the way of Adam from Spooks. Owhengoboom. Adamgoboom.

The Geek said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Geek said...

Okay, you almost got them all. And I applaud your appreciation and inclusion of some Hot Old Dudes on your list. Donald and Victor especially. My humble submissions for consideration:

LOST: Daniel Dae Kim. He was always the chiseled-jaw-line attractive Korean guy until the episode where the island heat finally got to him and he took his shirt off... Then he became the "OMG did you know he looked like that under there???" character of the show. I'm devastated they exploded him.

Heroes: Zachary Quinto is my personal favorite, although I agree the Reigning Hottie for the show is definitely Milo. And while I'm super annoyed with the way they've been writing the character of Mohinder, I cannot disagree with their choice to have him topless in a handful of episodes. Again, who knew he looked like that under there??

And in the Hot Old Dudes category, I'm including Hugh Laurie from House. Can't help it.

The Geek said...

(Psst! Adam B's character on Firefly was J-A-Y-N-E, not Jane. And as long as THAT show has come up, I adore Nathan Fillion, Alan Tudyk, and Sean Maher.)

joy said...

Hahaha, thanks for the catch on Jayne, it's fixed now.

And word to all of your suggestions, of course. Oh, and the shirtless Mohinder...I wonder if he and Milo are gym buddies. Heh.