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Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Pacey with the Fringe on top

Magnet #223 - Joshua Jackson

So, FOX picked up the back nine for Fringe. That means a full season of my Pacey!

I'm superhappy about this. Because I love my Pacey. And, as I mentioned before, I was just hoping FOX kept it on long enough for me to learn what Pacey's name is on this show.

Now that we know that Fringe is supposedly topping the list as the best new show this season, and might actually air the rest of the season, they're gonna have to improve a few things.

I'm not liking Anna Torv any better - I'm still waiting for the spark that they must have seen to have cast her. It's like watching Meredith Grey on Grey's Anatomy...or Dawson Leery from Dawson's Creek. We're not paying attention to the supposed lead, we're glomming on to the other more likeable characters.

I'm not liking the cases (though this week's was probably the strongest of all we've seen so far). Admittedly, I don't like procedurals - I've been known to FF through the Bones cases. But honestly, these supposedly Fringey cases are more milquetoast than anything.

I'm not liking the mythology. Though that could be because I have made it my mission to not fall for any more of JJ Abrams' ancillary marketing tactics with fake conspiracies, fake websites, fake phone numbers, fake commercials, etc. You'll not get me, JJ. It's also that the Pattern's just not that compelling. The Observer is a little silly.

I don't like how they're lifting from Doctor Who. This last eppy had a blatant rip from the Midnight eppy of this past DW series. C'mon - JJ may call it an homage, but that was way too obvious - and? Midnight was executed better. I wouldn't have thought twice, except that this is the second concept from Doctor Who. The other was that "magical man baby" story about the government trying to grow soldiers. Hi. That's The Doctor's Daughter without the instant DNA reader/replicator and the slightly squicky behind the scenes RL dating between the Doctor...and his (onscreen) daughter.

So...what do I like?

I like that they film in New York - even though I've not bumped into Joshua on the streets yet.

I LOVE that they film at Gehry's IAC building. If I'm not mistaken, it's what they're using for Massive Dynamic's interiors. Freakin' great building.

And to bring it full circle. I love that my Peter Bishop's got a regular gig in my living room every week.

Yeah, sorry, Joshua. Calling you Peter's just not gonna work out for me. Once a Pacey, always a Pacey.
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julie said...

haha... i saw pacey once at RDU airport. and he did NOT look good. granted it was after his quick run-in with the law at that hockey game back in the day, but still... he did not look good. i'm sad that i can't watch tv... fringe sounds interesting even though they are cribbing off of Doctor Who.

joy said...

After Erika catches up on these first several episodes, I'll mail you the dvd I'm making. No worries.

The Geek said...

I totally agree with you about Anna "Blah" Torv. I also agree with you about the non-compelling nature of the Pattern so far. I think we either need a human villain--an actual face to picture in our minds in a Good Guys vs. Bad Guys line up--and we need a Horrible Future Event. Something for them to feverishly work towards preventing. Just knowing stuff is connected doesn't make for gripping television. They need threats and danger.

And I had no idea about the Doctor Who similarities... I need to finish up the fourth season, don't I? :-)

Anonymous said...

Once a Pacey, always a Pacey.

So much word.

joy said...

That's true, GG. I didn't think about it, but there's no real endgame in Fringe. Interesting.

And I knew the Pace would getcha, bethie. :-)