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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Welcome to Miami

Magnet #243 - Miami Beach, FL

With as many times as I've been to Florida, I've only been to Miami Beach once. For work. Which technically means that I need to go back to do up Miami properly.

Though, we had a lot of fun while we were there. Things I learned:

- Some people have short torsos and long legs. This is what you learn when you tower over your normally supertall supermodel-esque coworker in your candy-apple red rented convertible.

- Some people you never want to see drinking and dancing. This is what you learn when you find yourself in South Beach with coworkers.

- Some people you never want to see in swim trunks. This is what you learn when you decide against your better judgment to go to the hotel's private beach where coworkers are swimming.

- Some people don't go to the actual business meetings. This is what you learn when coworkers show up at dinner with a mysterious, I've just been playing 36 holes tan.

- Some people don't let strikes stop them. This is what you learn when a group of coworkers decide to charter a plane to get there because they were booked on American...during a strike.

- Oh! And Cuban food? Tastes better in Miami than anywhere else.

- Oh! Also? I don't recall seeing any pink flamingos.

- Come to think, I didn't see any guys wearing suits with T-shirts underneath, either.

Yep. Many lessons learned.

Here's another: I'm going with a pink magnet to help support National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I was gonna try and do a whole month of pink, but too many things happened in October! So I'm settling for spots of pink this week.
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