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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Fore! Geddaboutit.

Magnet #225 - Fripp Island Resort

I've never been to the Fripp Island Resort, a friend of mine brought this supercutesy magnet back for me. Had to go look up what this place included, and it's your basic luxury resort in the South. Golf and Beach. Beach and Golf. By all accounts, a lovely place to vacation. And play golf.

I picked this particular magnet because today in 1895, the first U.S. Open Championship tournament was held in Newport, RI. It was a 9-hole course, a 36-hole competition, and played in one day. And the winner was this Brit named Horace Rawlins. His winnings? $150, a gold medal and the cup trophy. Not sure who the corporate sponsor was.

Ahhh, you're noticing the golf theme, huh. You're gonna see golf pop up from time to time during the next several weeks, as I've picked up a client with an keen interest in golf. Golf.

Dudes, ya'll don't even want to know the nongolf shenanigans going on the last time I was on a golf course 15 years ago. It's why I'm fairly allergic to golf and golf courses.

But, you can't sit in a room full of avid golfers and not know the difference between a range and a course (they're lucky I didn't say diamond), a club and a bat, or Tiger Woods and Tigger. So, it's Golf for Dummies for me.

Shut it. I can hear you laughing from here. I've had wonderful success with the Dummies (and Idiots) guides. Besides, I just need something to give me the basics.

Then, I gotta go get me a hot golf pro.
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jen said...

You shoulda gone in Kiawah. Wait. Do they have golf in Kiawah? Heh.

The Geek said...

If you go to a driving range, try not to barely hit your ball in such a way that the club shears it sideways with a good deal of force into the back of the thigh of the woman driving in front of you at the next station.

...This is why I stick to dance. I'm coordinated as hell until you add a bat, racket, club, any kind of a ball, or wheels, and then all bets are off.

Good luck with your client!