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Monday, October 13, 2008

Voila! The French word for gold

Magnet #234 - Funky Gold Strapy Shoe

A friend gave me this fun little gold strappy shoe magnet, but she can't for the life of her remember how she came by it.

Over the last several weeks, many people end up on this post, having search-engine searched for "French word for gold." Thanks for your visits, but I feel bad that you end up on a post about Renoir and the U.S. kicking France's ass in that one Olympic swim relay.

So, consider this Google translator entry for the "French word for gold" a thank you, and a public service.

Anyway, happy Monday! Here's hoping that this week's financial roller-coaster will settle down a bit, or we're all gonna be cashing out our 401k's in favor of gold bullion.
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Anonymous said...

i have this same magnet, my friend got it at the Metropolitan Museum

joy said...

Hahah - Robin, you gave me this magnet...they come in pairs? Oh, noes, you separated a set for me?