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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Tango...Argentine

Magnet #242 - Tango in Argentina

My friend and his wife picked this up for me while they were in Argentina. Dudes. Coolest. Magnet. Ever. Flove it! Thank you!

Lookit! It's dimensional! It has tango dancers! It's from Argentina! It's so colorful, I love it.

I learned the tango in college. Yes, I took Social Dance as my second PE requirement. (Now ya'll know why I suck at bowling.) It was great fun...well, except that I took it in the summer and aside from the supercute quarterback of football team, there were some slim pickins. And by that, I mean it was the older continuing ed folks, and then mostly girls. Sigh. Still, Foxtrot, Box step, the Waltz. Better than Arthur Murray.

Here's a fun little Globetrekker vid on the tango, just to give you more background.

I'll admit, outside of Social Dance and before the advent of Dancing with the Stars, the most exposure I'd ever had to the tango was Anna and Duke dancing it on General Hospital. (Horrible vid quality, but I swear I remember this episode like it was yesterday, rather than 1988. Shhhh. Just watch. You know you remember it, too.)

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The Geek said...

Ooh, ooh, ooh. Favorite tangos (in no order):

Scent of a Woman: Al Pacino and Gabrielle Anwar.

Take the Lead: both the Antonio Banderas one in the beginning and the tango a trois in the end (with RU! FEE! OHHHH!!).

True Lies: both of Ah-nold's tangos, one with Tia and one with Jamie. He's actually pretty bad, so this is just included because it's funny.

Moulin Rouge: I'm such a big Police fan that a tango to Roxanne was just perfection. Lovely.

I soooo want to learn how to tango!

joy said...

I've seen only True Lies and Moulin Rouge. Oh, wait, no, I think I saw Take the Lead as well. All good calls.

I'd highly reco social dance lessons...but with a partner, otherwise, you're dancing with that old lady from the next town over. :-)