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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Paying it forward

Magnet #244 - Half & Half Bottlecap

I'm relatively new to this blogging thing. It started as a lark, a way to catalog all my magnets. Then it became an exploration into the blogger mindset and WOM marketing practices.

Now, it's become a daily ritual: perusing my collection, picking out the magnet of the day, and figuring out what to talk about - a half & half mishmash of part silliness, part serious content. (Psst, how awesome is it that I had a perfectly pink [for NBCAM] magnet for today's meme-alicious topic?)

Since one of my favorite bloggers Televisionary tagged me in this round-robin of viral marketing, I'm paying it forward with my own list of favorite founts of information.

The Rules: I'm to share seven facts about me (like I haven't shared more than seven in the last 243 magnets, heh), and then tag seven other bloggers.

And away we go, short and sweet:
  1. I used to be a romance editor. Still am, on a freelance basis. Now I'm hopefully a much kinder and not as skeevy Pete Campbell, having been in advertising for a decade now.
  2. I was born in Chicago, raised in North Carolina, and live in New York City. Which means I have an accent that flows with the company I keep or my level of sobriety, middle-American values with a hard-ass New York attitude and just a tetch of country.
  3. I was almost a kidnapping victim. Yes. There will be a magnet on that.
  4. In any given week, I watch at least 30 hourlongs of scripted television. Which means I value television more than sleep. Yes. I know. There's something wrong with that.
  5. I am a giant among my people. I'm 5'4" (and a half - every bit counts), and for Filipinos, that can be pretty tall, dammit.
  6. I cheat regularly on my boyfriend, George Clooney. No. He doesn't mind. David Tennant and Joshua Jackson might, though. Or not.
  7. When I'm not feeling apathetic toward my job that doesn't save the world, I'm a workaholic. Except during Fall TV and Sweeps. Oh, and when my DVR is at dangerous levels of full. Nothing worse than coming home to find your shows didn't tape.
And, below are seven of my most visited noncorporate (except Dezeen) blogs. Obvi, there are a ton more on my Google Reader, but these, and the ones along the right-hand column, are where I hang.
  1. Dezeen
  2. Ephemeral New York
  3. The GoldenGait Bridge
  4. It's Nepalese to Me
  5. Jeremiah's Vanishing New York
  6. Stuff I've Seen on TV
  7. What's Alan Watching?

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G said...

"I was almost a kidnapping victim. Yes. There will be a magnet on that."

Uh.... wuh? You thought you were just going to slip that one in the middle?

joy said...

Yeah, that was strategically buried. Heh. Just biding my time for the right magnet. Actually, I think I've found it. Maybe next week.

julie said...

oh jeez... there's not some time period on this giving seven facts about myself is there? i mean, will something horrible happen to me if i don't respond to the tag in the next week? :) hahah... i'm working on it. i've still got one day hike and one cool week with australians to blog about! i don't know how you do this daily!

joy said...

Oh, you don't have to do it, it's totally a weird little chain blog thing.

And, I said, it's like a little ritual. Most of the time I can fly right through writing them, and sometimes, it's like pulling teeth.

But, it's fun.