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Monday, October 6, 2008

I scream, you scream

Magnet #227 - Purity Ice Cream

Found this little gem on yet another road trip upstate. Of course, we got lost several times along the way...ended up in some chickens' front yard. But, whatever. What's a road trip, without getting lost?

We did some sightseeing - there's a fun museum on Cornell's campus and we went to student stores...but that's a whole other magnet.

Ithaca claims to be the hometown of America's Ice Cream Sundae - you can't claim that without me hunting it down to try it. So, we called a friend upstate to ask for her old haunts, and she recommended the cutest ice cream store ever.

Voila! Purity Ice Cream - they've been around since the mid-30s, and though the ownership has changed hands, they're still using some of the original recipes. I live for pieces of Americana like this, off the beaten path joints that only the locals know about. They had a great merchandise section, but most important - the ice cream was marvelous.

And what could be better than having a sundae, on a Sunday, in the birthplace of sundaes.
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Anonymous said...

Great post! I'm a big time ice cream fan and find ice cream history fascinating...especially the ice cream sundae debate and where it first originated! ...eating a sundae on Sunday at the birthplace of sundaes! That's great!

G said...

You didn't mention the first half of the ice cream mission, when I recommended the Cornell Dairy Bar as the place to get all things dairy in Ithaca. It was a weekend day, though, and the Dairy Store was closed. Too bad. Mmmmmm, cheese curds. I would walk half an hour just for the cheese curds. Link to Dairy Bar

The Dairy Bar works with a class of food science students to create new ice cream flavors every year. The winning combination is sold through the stores. One of the recent flavors was Sticky Bunz--cinnamon flavored ice cream with a caramel swirl and roasted pecans.


joy said...

Thanks for commenting!

Serving-ice-cream, your site is fabulous. I want to run out to the nearest ice cream joint right this second! I just told a friend of mine yesterday that ice cream should never be neglected...actually, it's why I have like 5 different flavors in my freezer right now.

v, I'd forgotten about the Cornell Dairy Bar - but now I'm wishing we'd been able to go. It looks like a superneat place with awesome flavors. Mmmmmmm.

The Geek said...

I'm a major junk food hound, and since ice cream often falls into that category, by definition I love it, too. Unfortunately, when I was 12 I fell victim to the family curse of pubescent lactose intolerance. Thankfully this horrible interlude lasts only until your mid-20s for women in my family, so 2 years ago I found I was able to have real milk again!

And cheesecake!

And lasagna!

And alfredo sauce!


Oh, the ice cream. I think my favorite is mint choc chip--but it's hard to beat a really great chocolate--and then there's coffee--but orange sherbet is good too (thought not technically an ice cream)--and my favorite seasonal flavor has to be Dreyer's peppermint around Christmas.

...see, now I'm going to have to run down the block to Coldstone Ice Creamery.

joy said...

I mourn your lost years of ice cream eating, GG. I hope you're more than making up for them!