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Friday, October 3, 2008

What you say?

Magnet #224 - Happy Bunny's I just don't listen

I'm hard of hearing. No, really, I am. It's ok. I've always been, since I was in Kindergarten. Apparently, I told the doctors back then that it was my parents fault, something about either poking out my eardrum...or yelling too loud. Oops.

Supposedly, I'm not alone. No one knows the real number, but they estimate that there are between 22 to 36 million deaf and hard of hearing here in the States. And, supposedly, it's like one of the most under-reported ailments!

A couple of years ago, the doctor said that clinically, I probably should have hearing aids. But, that if I don't think I'm missing anything important in my business meetings or wherever, then I didn't actually have to get them.

So, I figure that my 30s are way too young to get them. I'll wait til my 40s. Or 50s.

Or, never. There's a part of me that's ok with not hearing everything. Like, I can't imagine how insanely loud the trains in the subways are. I see people cover their ears, but nope, doesn't bother me. Or, like in movies, when those obnoxious people talk on their cell phones or feel the need to explain the movie to the person next to them. Nope, doesn't bother me.

My friends and family think I have selective hearing - because sometimes I do hear their conversational whispers and asides. That's partially true. Sometimes, I just don't want to listen to what they're saying.

It's a little taxing on anyone having a conversation with me, when I'm always saying, Sorry? What? What'd you say? It's kinda funny, because my best friend married a guy who has trouble hearing out of one she's totally been prepped for having to repeat her conversations.

Oh, and it totally freaks me out when someone comes up from behind. This is especially true at work when I'm concentrating on something, and someone comes up behind me and softly says my name, or taps my shoulders. I totally freak out, causing them to freak out and feel bad, profusely apologizing for all the freaking out.

And, of course, I'm just waitin' for my worst fear to come true...and that's me sitting in a meeting, taking down the client's direction, and we end up producing the wrong creative because I heard wrong.

But, until then, just know that if ever we're spending time together and I'm nodding away, best to make sure I actually heard you. Or goodness knows what your ad might look like. Oops.
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jen said...

I think it's just bad listening skills that run in the family. We none of use are good active listeners. IJS.

I like to think of all the strangers you've offended b/c you've jumped when they've approached you. Remember that guy in London? Heh.

G said...

Why do you not want hearing aids? My teenage niece has hearing aids, and it seems as though she isn't nearly as bothered by them as her mom is. It's like glasses to her, just something to put on.

Hearing problems run in my family too. Some of the resulting non sequiturs are priceless. You'll be having a conversation about, say, George Bush, and someone will answer that the grocery store had cans of tuna fish on sale.

Or maybe that's not a non sequitur after all. Hmmm.

joy said...

Oh, it's nothing against hearing aids at all.

First, I'm the girl who memorized the eye chart to avoid getting glasses in 6th grade. It was 9th before they realized anything was wrong.

And second, getting hearing aids would mean accepting that I actually *can't* hear anything.

Oh, and third, then I'd have no more excuses to make people repeat things. Things like, yes, joy, you were right. Heh.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for preparing me for a lifetime of repeating myself. I'm wondering how long it's going to take for you to admit you really need hearing aids. Appropriate magnet!!!!

joy said...

Thanks Anonymous, I see you! :-)

And, you're welcome. Tell Jon he totally owes me for that one.