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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Wake me up!

Magnet #1138 - Wham!

Oh, yes. The bottom of my tin of 80s pins magnets has no bounds.

Of course, I was a total Wham! girl. To the point where I was actually surprised when George Michael came out. No. Really.

I loved those guys - and they only put out three albums. I know, even if I own all three cassettes, I totally was surprised it was only three, too. Not surprising, I'm fairly sure I could sing along lyric for lyric, track for track lo, these almost 30 years later.

Using this magnet for today, for a couple of reasons. First, because a huge storm knocked the alarm clocks off, so we really could have used this song this morning.

And second, this whole working freelance gigs remote from home has presented an odd daily challenge for me - finding the best place to get some actual work done. I've used the sofa in front of the tv, the wrought iron patio furniture outside, my bed, the old rolltop desk, my parents' bed, the top of the stairs, and the dining room.

Today, I'm working at the kitchen table with Regis & Kelly in the background, and they're totally using Wake Me Up (Before you Go-Go) as the theme song for one of their segments. It's weird how that song automatically takes me back to the 80s, and yet still does its job as a great pick-me-up song.


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