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Friday, April 1, 2011

Gas is expensive!

Magnet #1134 - Gas & Shop Gasoline

Man, when I first came down to NC two months ago, my weekly debate was hmmm, should I go to the gas station with $3.17 unleaded or the gas station $3.18.

Now, it's the $3.55 or the $3.54. It went from $45 to fill up the tank to $50. I shouldn't even complain, because we have a smaller gas tank than other folks in their giant trucks and whatnot.

It's kinda crazy, because it's not even Memorial Day and you just know the prices are gonna head closer to $4. Crazy.

It's why I had to buy this magnet when I saw it the other day. I also found this really great article today from the Washington Post on Getting the Most out of that Tank of Gas. It's for folks planning a roadtrip, but here's a couple of things I learned from the article:

- "Every 5 mph above 60 is like paying an additional 24 cents per gallon, according to the Energy Department." Whoa. I hate this factoid. Hate. Even if I stay within the suggested speed limits (which I won't), the stretch of I-85 between here and Charlotte and here and Greensboro is mostly 65-70!

- “Switch off [the engine] if you can,” he said. “Your engine will generally use more fuel doing this than in normal driving situations.” Ouch. No more idling the car while the parents wait for me to run in and get mail, go to Food Lion, or whatever.

Now. If I can just figure out how to run the car without gas itself, that'd be great.

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