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Monday, April 4, 2011

Couch potato

Magnet #1137 - Couch potato

This. I miss being this.

Being at my parents' house has severely limited the amount of television I watch any given day. The only tv that gets any play in this household is either Food/Cooking, either PBS station, the news, or that freakin' Dancing with the Stars show.

Oh, and for the love of all that's holy, why are shows like Inside Edition allowed to exist? I could give a crap about John Daly's ex-wife, or the dog on two wheels, or the lady who fell into a sinkhole, or LiLo's latest escapade. And what is the mandate of that show to begin with? Is it news? Is it entertainment? What?

Sigh. Ya'll know I was watching upwards of 30-40 hours of scripted television any time of year. Knew all the latest shows, had an always-packed DVR.

One could argue that it's good that I'm not watching as much television as I usually do.

I would not agree. I miss my shows! There's a certain select few that I've managed to keep up with online, but only a few episodes at a time, and usually only at night. I've gotten so used to watching the small screen on an even smaller screen, it's weird whenever I see any of my shows on a regular tv. Which is like, never, these days.

I miss my channels! I'll admit it. I miss Disney - it's the only channel that I could pop on and never have to think too hard. I miss TCM - it's the only channel that I know will have several movies during the week that I have to watch or DVR. I miss AMC - well, ok, fine, I only miss Mad Men, but that's a different blogpost. But my point is that you get used to your own channels, and now suddenly, you learn that your parents have their own channels, saying, "Oh, we don't go to that channel, joy." Blerg.

I miss holding my remotes! Shut up. Ya'll know what I'm talking about. There's something about holding your own remote, not someone else's.

I miss my baby tv. One of the things people always make fun of me for is my small box TV. With a much TV as I watch, they say, I should have the biggest, most HD TV in the world. They would be wrong. I love my little box.

I miss my DVR! Never running out of things that I want to watch? Hell yes. I miss that. Now it's like, oh, we only go to 8 channels and all of them are reruns of the same cooking show? *stabs eyes*

I miss my couch! Seriously. I do. Enough said.

Anyway, at some point, I'll go back to happily wasting my life in front of my own baby tv. As it is, I'm already gonna have to Netflix whole seasons of my shows in the next several months just to catch up with the last couple.

Oooh, can't wait...I'll bet it'll take a least a month of couch potatoing to catch up!

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jen said...

You know my vacation down there was half over before I realized I could watch TV unencumbered in their room upstairs.

Anonymous said...

I so know your pain. I cannot believe you had to relinquish the remote ;). - Ro

joy said...

@jen, not since he's started going upstairs...looks like he didn't like being held hostage by the cooking shows, either.

@Ro, it's true. You know how I am about remotes. Argle.