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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Here, there, everywhere

Magnet #1212 - Doctor Who Experience

TARDIS: Time and Relative Dimension in Space.

No kidding. The darn thing's following us throughout the UK. For realz.

When we got in on Wednesday, it was outside the Earl's Court tube stop, just hanging out, with folks doing what they're supposed to, just walking right by it and not evening noticing the big blue box beside the newsstand.

We just figured that it was because (we thought) the Doctor Who Experience down at Olympia was nearby. But, now we think it's possibly just a real police box. We didn't test this theory, sadly enough - as we passed it a few times a day, it started to fade into the background for us, too.

The big blue box was at the Doctor Who Experience on Thursday, in several places and in several iterations. That's to be expected, I know.

You know what wasn't expected? Was how freakin' cool the DW Experience was. I was fairly sure it was going to be much like the last experience I'd gone to in Cardiff a couple of years ago. I knew they'd revamped it, and the price, but I didn't know it was to include the coolest interactive shows ever. And that includes that Star Trek Experience in Vegas a while ago.

They still had a ton of costumes and props, but the interactive bit was made up of video with the cheeky as ever Matt Smith, live action, 3D and hands-on stuff.

Ya'll. We got to FLY the TARDIS, hence today's video below.* So. Freakin' COOL. The gift shop was fairly big, with a ton of stuff for us to buy (and we did). But the capper of our visit is this superfun magnet that the superadorableshopboy art directed for us. Twas fun watching my two companions (see what I did there?) lay down on the floor at the behest of the cuteboy.

The TARDIS was also at the British Library on Friday, at the Out of This World exhibit, but with a very cute "Back in 5 minutes" note from the Doctor. It should be noted that of course, that there were a few DW exhibits on display, including the Steampunk-y K-1889 and an original score.

Finally, today, in Cardiff, the TARDIS was hanging out in the lobby of the National Assembly of Wales Senedd building. Seriously. Odd no? It's akin to having Superman's egg sitting in the Capitol Rotunda.

Speaking of...we spent today in Cardiff, scoping out Doctor Who and Torchwood locations - and apparently failing miserably in finding a lot of them. It was totally my fault, as I didn't do my research for this particular trip. I figured we had it covered, since both my sister and I had already been this way before.

Still, it was a nice little getaway to Wales, and now we still have reasons to go back.

But the icing on our Doctor Who Experience in London cake, was meeting up with @BlogtorWho, one of my North Stars of the Who-verse.

If you're not following him on Twitter, you should.

If you're not visiting his Blogtor Who blog, you should.

If you're not listening to his episode commentaries, you should.

He puts so much into covering Doctor Who, it's unbelievable. And he does it out of sheer love of the show. And, bonus, he knows his shit.

Plus, he's totally a nice dude who didn't mind traveling clear across London (literally) to meet up with me, my sister and friend.

Although, man, his trip woulda been so much easier had any of those TARDISes we keep seeing had been in working order.

*Team Doctor flying the TARDIS:

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jen said...

That photo boy really was super cute. And he saw us be huge, huge dorks. Sigh. Oh well.

Erika said...

We couldn't possibly be the first dorks that day.

joy said...

Nope. Not the first dorks that day. Or ever. Bet supercuteboy has seen a ton worse. #whateverittakestomakemefeellessadork