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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Monica Joy

Magnet #1216 - Santa Monica

My friend brought this magnet back for me from Santa Monica...even though the last time I was there, it was with her and another friend of ours. We were there on the pier to see the sun set over the Pacific, something none of us had done up to that point.

So in the early evening, we sat ourselves in the restaurant at the end of the pier, and settled in to wait for sunset.

But, as what always happens when you get any gal-pals together, we chatted.

We were so engrossed in our conversation...that we forgot about the sunset. And missed it.


I'm using this magnet for today, because yesterday, one of my many, many (did I say many? I meant one of my 30+ first cousins on my mother's side) graduated from high school yesterday. Congratulations!

This cousin was the one who didn't have a middle name. And, seeing as how my aunt (unbeknownst to her, she swears) gave her older daughter my middle sister's middle name and her youngest daughter my other sister's middle name, it only seemed fair that Monica would have Joy as her middle name.

So that's what I called her. It's a pretty name, Monica Joy.

Until it turned out that she was signing her name Monica Joy in Kindergarten, and her parents had to tell her it wasn't her real name.


What? It's still a pretty name. And honestly, if her name were Joy, then I'd have someone to inherit the JOY magnet portion of the magnet collection. And basically (the considerable) everything I own with JOY on it.

Again, I ask.

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