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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Wherefore art Warhol?

Magnet #1219 - Andy Warhol's Marilyn Monroe

I picked up this Marilyn Monroe magnet as an Andy Warhol Pop Art set, one of those random things I pick up in random shops.

Using it for today because Save the World Couple and Mom and I headed over to the Reynolda House Museum of American Art, after much contemplation of how to spend our day. It was one of my suggestions, having really enjoyed my visit last year.

So funny, the museum's been there for years, and within the span of a year, I've now been twice. But, it's a really good museum, and for some, a really good introduction into American Art, with some great pieces for Grant Wood (or that Grant guy, I kept saying) and Tiffany and Remington and Bierstadt and Church, and I could go on.

I will say that even it didn't dawn on me until I was looking in my Photobucket for an American artist that one of the artists that seems to be missing from the Reynolda is Andy Warhol. I did a search on their site, but it's quite possible there's one in the collection, but I didn't see it on display.

Still, it was also nice to roam around the bungalow (la-la-la, so big, and still called a bungalow, sheesh) again - even without taking the art into account, it's still a really cool house from the Gilded Age.

What I really want to do is strap on a pair of roller skates and skate around in their basement, which is completely rubber-surfaced to allow everyone to skate the entire length. Of course, I also want to be served a Tom Collins splash of cranberry at their supercool art deco-ish bar, shoot a duck or two in the gallery, rack 'em up on their pool table, drop 10 pins in their alley, and play some squash.

Honestly, it's possible I just want to live in their basement.
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