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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

How to Succeed

Magnet #1215 - How to Succeed

In a word: delightful.

I've mentioned before that every so often I have to remind myself to take advantage of this town and everything Broadway has to offer, so last month (pre-Tonys, thank goodness), I went to Playbill for their discounts, and decided to hit up How to Succeed.

I can honestly say it's been a while since I've had so much fun watching a show - especially given my reactions to Spider-Man and HAIR and American Idiot. (On Broadway, I mean - seeing David and Catherine in the West End last week doesn't count.)

Mind you, I can't stand the actual storyline of How to Succeed, because it really does cut a little too close to the buffoonery of Corporate America, but once I let that go, I was fine.

The Mod set design was well lush, and the fantastic cast (including the awesome John Larroquette) were outfitted in gorgeous costumes. As with Mad Men, the costumes made me feel as though I born a few decades too late. And the big production numbers were incredible - totally old-school Broadway musicals, and so much fun.

Finally, and here's the biggest surprise for me tonight - little Daniel Radcliffe, with the American accent so good I forgot he was a Brit (take notes, David Tennant), makes a terrific song-and-dance man. Something that - even after I saw him on the Tonys - I was worried about, having heard about the song-and-dance lessons he's had to take. Well, they totally took, because he was a pleasure to watch. Small in stature, but great presence on stage.

It was like...magic.
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